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Extinguishing the workplace conflict ‘fire’

Summer in Australia means bushfire season and the accompanying public service announcements encouraging people to develop action plans so they know what to do if a fire threatens their property. In a similar spirit of being prepared, I’m encouraging all managers to think seriously about the ways a fire can damage their business. Not a…
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Cheer squads —everybody’s got them

Cheer squads —everybody’s got them When people are involved in a conflict, they will often use others to validate their perception. So, it’s common to hear phrases like, ‘Everybody knows that’s what he’s like’, ‘I’m not the only one who thinks so’, ‘She’s managed to alienate everybody’ and ‘Ask anyone, they’ll tell you’. Both parties…
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Your school needs a workplace conflict resolution policy. Here’s why.

Your school has heaps of policies: homework, uniform, privacy, internet usage etc. It probably has ones on OHS, sexual harassment, discrimination, EEO, bullying and so on because these are required by law. These policies outline how people should behave and the course of action your school will take when these policies are breached. Sadly, however,…
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