Conflict Coaching

Conflict coaching is a structured process that helps individuals to enhance their skills, knowledge and competence in managing interpersonal conflict. It is a voluntary, confidential process that focuses on an individual’s conflict management goals.

Through this process, individuals gain an increased awareness of themselves and their choices in managing conflict.


The Coaching process

The conflict coach’s role

The coach will:

  • Support, assist and encourage you to reach your goals
  • Meet with you on days and at times that are mutually convenient
  • Guide the dialogue to ensure the process remains focused on your objectives and needs
  • Provide constructive feedback and will not judge you in any way. However, a coach may ask you to consider things from a different perspective.

The coach will not provide advice, or act as your advocate or representative.

The coachee’s role

You should be:

  • Willing and honest to share your goals and pertinent information
  • Honest about your related concerns, expectations or needs
  • Prepared to inform the coach if you are feeling any discomfort
  • Ready to work on some things between sessions.
Conflict coaching intake

A coach will contact you to complete the conflict coaching intake. During the conflict coaching intake, the coach will:

  • Outline the conflict coaching process
  • Ask questions to gain an understanding of your issues
  • Ascertain whether conflict coaching will meet your needs
  • Give you the opportunity to ask questions.
Conflict coaching process

During the conflict coaching process, your coach will lead you through the following seven stages:

  • Clarify the goal: You will explore what you want to achieve in coaching. This will focus the process
  • Ask about the situation: You will describe what interaction precipitated the conflict
  • Discuss the elements of the conflict: You will increase self-awareness and confirm or reassess your goals
  • Explore choices: You will explore possibilities before developing an action plan to reach your goals
  • Reconstruct the situation: You will create, reconstruct and try out possible ways of managing the situation
  • Examine the challenges: You will consider what challenges, if any, may get in the way of your plan
  • Gain commitment: You will confirm your next steps and reflect on your learning.


Information in this brochure was developed by CINERGY® Coaching, a division of Noble Solutions Inc., cinnie@cinergycoaching.com and is used with permission.

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