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profitableresolutions will train your managers and employees to develop their skills in managing workplace conflict. We can also work with you to develop a conflict resolution policy that clearly outlines the steps to be taken when a conflict is identified and who is responsible for resolving it. The policy will outline a triage system for the assessment of complaints as either rights based or interest based, and clearly define processes describing how each type will be handled. Time limits will be attached to each stage to ensure concerns are managed expeditiously.

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profitableresolutions has nationally accredited mediators who can assist parties in conflict to discuss their concerns in a respectful way. Our process involves meeting with the manager and then conducting intakes with each party. This allows us to listen to each party’s story, gauge their commitment to resolving the conflict, coach each party on how to frame their concerns in a way that can be heard by the other party, and assess the suitability of mediation for this conflict.

Whether we conduct a mediation or a facilitated discussion, we work with parties so they can resolve their dispute and craft an agreement that will benefit both and avoid conflict occurring in the future.

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profitableresolutions is highly experienced in dealing with conflict that affects an entire unit. We conduct confidential interviews with all members of the unit and ensure any data collected cannot be attributed. We then compile and present a report to management and staff that outlines the themes identified by the participants and makes recommendations for future action. Alternatively, we can facilitate a meeting with staff that explores their concerns and develops an action plan to address them.

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profitableresolutions provides a range of coaching services that support managers who need to conduct ‘difficult’ conversations, assist parties in conflict to develop action plans that deal with their concerns, challenge executives to be better leaders, and clarify options for those considering a change in career.

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profitableresolutions can conduct formal investigations into allegations of bullying, sexual harassment and discrimination, and code of conduct breaches.